Green Utopia 2015


Green Utopia 2015


green utopia 2015

Conceived by Maurizio Corrado, an architect with 20 years of expertise in sustainable architecture and green building, the GREEN UTOPIA project has the mission of creating a green city in the heart of one of the leading cities in Italy.

Today ecological sustainability and similar topics are increasingly talked about, yet specific culture and training on these themes are still somewhat lacking.

Given that this event presents a preview of future building topics, Toffoli Serramenti and CASE, LEGNO have decided to participate with the aim of becoming a point of reference for those concerned who are seeking a better understanding of future market trends.

The Toffoli Serramenti and CASE, LEGNO project has been designed to disseminate the notion of a new building system by using one of the oldest materials used in construction, wood, and is targeted at reinterpreting its use with a modern approach and combining it with the most modern and current building techniques so as to offer clients healthy and comfortable living accommodation.

Globalisation and modernisation are leading us into lifestyles which are evermore frenetic and busy. This is why the places where we spend our free time with our families and regenerate our energy must become healthier spaces in harmony with our bodies.

The WOODEN DESIGN PROJECT was conceived based on this consideration: the housing unit which will be presented during GREEN UTOPIA is intended to act as a workshop where, on a scale of 1:1, workers can see and touch new natural building techniques as well as a range of application systems so as to allow them to compare the pros and cons of every system and thus, provide a clear means of deciding what to use depending on their needs.

The objective of the WOODEN DESIGN PROJECT is to give a preview of the future of green buildings.

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